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My 'Health' Journey

I found nutrition through my own first hand struggles. After exhausting all avenues but not wanting to accept the 'chronic' box I had been put in, I discovered nutrition and wow I never looked back. I started to learn that I could own my health and wellbeing that chronic didn't necessarily have to equal life long pain and suffering. 

Realising that I didn't need to struggle emotionally and physically for the rest of my life, I went about finding out what I needed to do. This led to hours of self led research about the how and I quickly learnt first hand 'you really are what you eat' positive change occurred and I realised chronic could also equal remission.

But I wanted to understand the mechanism behind these small but quantitive changes - so I trained professionally, to understand the why.

My qualifications

I completed a 3-year diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition with the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM). The course content was evidence-based and involved 200 hours of clinical practice. This consisted of 1 year of Biomedicine and 2years of Naturopathic Nutrition. I am workplace first-aid certified, and an accredited DNAfit trainer.

I equip my clients with the what, a detailed information pack along with additional resources to understand what makes them feel good, and why. Health means something different to everybody: feeling energetic, being free of pain, feeling confident about your appearance, or simply life longevity, maximising those precious moments.

What I learnt

As a Nutritional Therapist, supporting ‘health’ for me is more than living a symptomatic free life, it is about true wellness so that life can be fully embraced.

The meaning of wellness is very personal, for some it is to wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy, allowing them to embrace the day and enjoy the chaos of family life, to others wellness may be to feel positive about the future once again.

Symptoms are the body’s way of signposting an imbalance, a call for action. They are outward signs which should not be suppressed or ignored as the root cause goes unidentified and the body’s struggle for balance remains.  

Instead by working within the functional medicine model - to establish the root cause, we can provide the body with the tools it needs to restore its strong self-healing capabilities, bringing balance, known as homeostasis, back once again.

I therefore support each of my clients as unique individuals, never one of the same. I recognise that everyone is unique, and underpinning all that I do, is my passion and desire to help you find more health, balance and happiness – to find your wellness.

I take a collaborative approach to support your wellbeing, working in close company with other expertly trained health specialists and where necessary I may recommend you for supportive treatment such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, cranial osteopathy, counselling, yoga and more.

I work with many conditions, but I have a special interest and specialism in;

  • Skin 

  • Gut

  • Fertility & Pregnancy

  • Corporate Health & Wellness

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